Cherry and Rose and Walnut, they hurt
Just like that time we drove to Irvine to pick up a chord
And you showed me your lab
Remember how on your last day we got coffee at Portfolio and we tried to be happy
But later I cried and cried in the train’s parking lot, and you said, “That’s horrible.”
I never asked you what you meant

Sometimes, I ask God what you meant to me
And my life
How could a love so sweet, so easy and deep
Turn into just “a learning experience”
Or “happy memories”
Well, happy memories make me sad
And all your music hurts so bad
Like Flume’s cool beats and your open window
Pouring sunlight onto our pores
And the fucking sun reminds me of you

But a continent away, you don’t miss me all that much
And it gnaws away at my guts