12 Fun Things to Do at Night Besides Drinking

Sometimes, drinking is a fun way to let loose or to celebrate something. Other times, it takes a toll on the body, mind, and soul. To give your dear self a break, I have provided you with a list of nighttime activities to do that don’t require alcohol. Furthermore, by doing these activities, you can sound like a more “interesting” person to that boy or girl whom you are trying to impress (no more, “So, what do you do for fun?” “Um, get drunk?”).

1. Go Out Dancing

This one is my fave! I love dancing. This can include dropping it low in tha club, but social dancing is also super fun and a welcome throwback to a time when dancing didn’t mean dry-humping. I love Latin dances, such as salsa, merengue, bachata, and cha cha cha, but I am also a recent convert to swing. It’s amazing how many people in, well, the world are familiar with and love these dances; I once went to a packed salsa club in Nice, France. Social dancing is, thus, a great way to always have something fun to do, learn something new, and meet new people. You could take a class, and oftentimes clubs will have a dance lesson before the social dancing begins.

2. Do Artsy Things

See a dance show, a play, an opera, the symphony! Go to a gallery or museum. If you are a student, you can see if any of the arts venues in your city offer student discounts.

3. Go to a Concert

Live music is the best. Furthermore, concerts don’t have to involve paying $100 to see Kanye or whatever; if you go to a smaller venue, you can see bands from $0-$20. You will also be in a more intimate setting, without having to watch the artist from a giant screen in your nosebleed seats. It is also really cool to familiarize yourself with and support local artists!

4. Go to an Open Mic Night

Share your inner poet or musician with the world. If that scares you, open mics are still a great way to discover and be awed by local talent as well as to have a wonderful cup of coffee.

5. Take a Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to cook? Paint? Do photography? Why not try something new?

6. Toilet Paper Someone’s House

Or light fireworks, go chalking, start a dance party in a parking lot, prank call people… release your inner (delinquent) child!

7. Have a Game Night

…without drinking games.

8. Go to a Sporting Event

Who am I kidding?

9. Make a Music Video or a Movie

This worked for my sisters, our neighbors, and me back in ’01.

10. Go to a Burlesque Show

Ooh la la!

11. Watch an Indie Movie

Go to an old-school theater that only plays one movie at a time and watch something different and interesting.

12. Take Over an In-n-Out with a Bunch of Swing Musicians and Dancers and Have a Gypsy Jam

Few things beat live, improvised music, dancing, and fries with spread.


2 thoughts on “12 Fun Things to Do at Night Besides Drinking

    • Lol! It’s unfortunately easy to turn things into occasions for drinking, like “drunk movies,” “drunk dancing” (though I become an awful salsa dancer whilst intoxicated), “drunk toilet papering,” etc…

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