Imperfections Make You Beautiful, And I’m Not Just Saying That

What makes a beach beautiful? Waves that coil in exact tubular form, all the same size, leaving no mess behind? A perfectly flat surface, or surrounding cliffs that are smoothed over and uniformly shaped? Crayola blue water?

No! When we think of beautiful beaches, what may come to mind are waves crashing both large and small, spraying water and mist in various directions, going in and out- maybe even to the side. Or maybe there are no waves at all- just a gentle tide. Perhaps there are rocky, jagged cliffs lining a cove. Maybe the water is a deep navy or a light turquoise.

Thus, a beautiful beach is imperfection. It is not something that can be created in a factory, that looks exactly like all of the other ones. Beautiful beaches are the ones that have things that are weird or rough about them. In general, places on Earth that we typically designate as being beautiful are inherently unusual.

Take this photo of Rio de Janeiro, for example:

Rio de Janeiro 00833

If you think about it, Rio is pretty weird looking. There’s a coastline that’s shaped like a horseshoe, random islands jetting out nearby, with one in particular that looks like an animal lying facedown with its head and butt in the air. Yet, it is gorgeous, and I desperately want to go there. If Rio were all uniformly shaped, it would look pretty boring; it would lose what makes the Rio coastline the Rio coastline.

This beach in Miami has turquoise-clear water:

However, this one in Greece is a more sapphire/royal blue, with grey, rocky sand:

And they are both stunning! Greece wouldn’t be Greece if it looked like Miami, and Miami wouldn’t be Miami if it looked like Greece.

The thing is, humans are a part of nature, too. If we all looked perfectly uniform, we would be quite uninteresting. However, as Mother Nature herself has shown us, what makes all of us beautiful are the things that are off and different about us- just like the beaches and the mountains. You wouldn’t be you if you looked like me, and I wouldn’t be me if I looked like you! The fact that we all look uniquely like ourselves- not smoothed over, not a perfectly symmetrical form- is the essence of beauty.

I bet that you think that your crush or significant other is sexy because they look the way that they do; I doubt that you’ve ever spent any chunk of time analyzing their “imperfections” and wishing that they looked like a different person. Rather, you like them because you like… them.

So, don’t just accept your “flaws” (who the hell decided what a “flaw” is anyway?)- embrace them. Love them. Give yourself a big hug and a kiss, because you are gorgeous and awesome.


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